Created to be [a musician].

I’ve always wondered what classified someone as a “musician”. What’s the difference between knowing an instrument and being a musician?

For me, music was always more than a hobby. It’s always been a part of life. I couldn’t conceive a life without music. But then I realized that music did so much more than fill the silence: It gave me an appreciation for it. People are rarely without music: in the car, headphones on a run, background in the mall, on hold on the phone, standing in an elevator. We are indoctrinated to constantly need noise to block out the awkward feelings in silence. Yet, music, at its core, shouldn’t just fill the empty void of silence. When used like that, music takes from us rather than gives to us. It distracts us from the scenery, covers our conversations with friends, or prevents us from having one with a stranger nearby. Music doesn’t fight silence, it was birthed from it. Both silence and music should free us to express who we are.

Expertise (A-Z)

– Bass Guitar –
– Cajon/Minor Percussion –
– Guitar (Acoustic/Rhythm & Electric/Lead) –
– Keys/Piano –
– Presentation/Projection (ProPresenter & EasyWorship) –
– Planning Center Online –
– Stage Management –
– Team Building/Development –
– Worship Leading –